We will get the job done right

With over three generations of family-owned and operated experience, we’ve created a long list of fulfilled customers with unique metal, aluminum and steel fabrications. Whether you’re looking for an awe-inspiring stairway for your home or a complex metal fabrication for your business, we will handcraft that dream project of yours into reality.


    Aluminum Works

    Lightweight, versatile and corrosion resistant, we can create sturdy railings and other aluminum works at an unbeatable price.

    Steel Works

    Ornamental fencing, reliable gates and decorative deck rails are built to last with one of the strongest materials forged.

    Metal Works

    Let’s create your dream gazebo, staircase or swanky new commercial entrance with a completely custom fabrication with flexible metal materials

    53+ Years of Family-Owned and Operated Service

    Starting from humble beginnings, Wally’s Iron Works has grown from a small backyard building in 1966 to a 24,000 sq. ft. industrial haven, dedicated to serving your residential and commercial needs. 53+ years of satisfied customers. 3 generations of family-owned and operated business. And we have no intention on going anywhere anytime soon.


    Ready to stand out from your wooden neighbors?